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To provide a safe space for grieving teens to heal following the loss of a parent, sibling or close friend.

No teen shall grieve alone.


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Please contact Celeste Conner or Brenda Napholz for Grief Counselors.
For Grief Support groups and group retreats, contact Lisa Orris - Grief Guide.

Programs for Teens

Our Teen programs are designed to encourage expression and promote personal growth, while creating a personal support network with other grieving teens.

Hear what some of our Teens have said about coming to group:

“Being able to talk to others who share the same kind of grief and struggle as me has been almost freeing in a sense.  It creates much more community and allows the thoughts that I think only I have.  Here, I feel seen and heard.” 

– Grethe, age 18, grieving the loss of her father.


“I love how safe you make everyone feel.  I felt so loved walking in.”

– Sunny, age 15, grieving the loss of her father.

Peer Support Group

“Teens Talk Grief”:  Peer Support Group for Teens

  • This is a peer-centered bereavement support group with an emphasis on creating triumph from challenge.

  • Reinforces the benefits of setting personal goals for the future and engaging in activities that promote growth and healing.

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