We are excited you want to become a member! Every teen must fill out a Drop-In form before they can enter the facility.  It is highly recommended that you go over our contract/rules and read the FAQ in full before coming in. Once it has been submitted, you will gain access to the facility and have a free 7-day period. Once the 7-day period expires, membership dues are due and we must have a parent/guardian sign a final registration waiver. Let us know you filled this form out online when you arrive and we will sign you in!

You may also print out the PDF forms at the bottom of this page and bring them in for us if you do not wish to submit an online application.

You may also purchase or renew a membership below the Drop-In form via the online store.

The BREAK Contract:

We thank you for adhering to the following policies created by your peers:

1.) Check in when you arrive
2.) Use appropriate language
3.) Clean up after yourselves
4.) Sign out equipment and return to proper location
5.) Respect other people's belongings
6.) Bullying and intimidating will not be tolerated
7.) Roughhousing and fighting are not allowed
8.) Respect all volunteers and staff

Online Drop-In Form

Thanks for submitting! Your free week will begin when you drop in!

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